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Classes can be entered on the day or via email with payment on the day (payment is not required should you wish to not enter the class on the day). As we are a charity show please do not ask for a refund.


Entering Classes Via Email

  • You can pre-enter any class via email.

  • There is no requirement to ride in the class on the day if circumstances change.

  • Payment must be given in the secretary's tent to receive your competitor number.

  • Please be sure to let the entries secretary know if you wish to withdraw a pre-entry.

  • Payment cannot be refunded once paid.

  • To enter please email

  • Please include the following information:

    • Competitor's name

    • Horse/pony/dog's name

    • Class number(s) 


Entering Classes on the Day

The show uses a database entry system on the day. To make things run smoothly please note the following:

  • All competitors entering on the day, or anyone pre-entered who wishes to enter more classes on the day, must complete an Entry Form before approaching the secretary at the desk.

  • Entry forms can be downloaded below. If you wish you can print them off and bring the completed form on the day - forms will be available on the day so only do this if you are feeling very organised. :)

  • Please be sure to write clearly. Misspellings often occur as a result of indecipherable hand-writing.

  • Each horse and rider pair only needs one competitior number. If you have a competitor number and wish to enter further classes on the same horse be sure to give your number to the entries steward.

  • Please do not try and decide classes at the secretary's desk, this slows up entries and we want to make sure everyone makes their classes on time.

  • Finally, our show is staffed by volunteers who have given up their day for you. Please be patient and polite as we are all doing our very best.




  • Riders must wear a securely fastened hat that adheres to the en 1384 standard or higher at all times when mounted

  • All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times

  • Riders are required to ride sensibly at all times and horses must only use the areas designated for them (walk ways, collecting rings, etc). No galloping and no skipping out boxes or trailers onto the showground please

  • No moneys will be refunded for competitors unable to compete due to classes running consecutively. Moneys may be transferred to other classes


DISCLAIMER - The organizers do not accept responsibility for any accident to horse, rider, vehicle, individual or property.


Please be aware that as a competitor, spectator or helper on the day your photograph may be taken and used on either our Twitter page, Facebook page or website. If your image has been used and you wish to have it removed, please contact us at and we will remove it for you. Alternatively, if you are happy for the image to be used please feel free to contact us with your name and any other details that we can attach to the image for you.



The Killyleagh Show complies with the Data Protection Acts of 1998 and 2018 as well as the General Data Protection Regulation. Any recipient of a cup will be required to read the Killyleagh Show Data Protection Policy (provided below), before taking their cup.



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