Class 10 - WHP 60cms:

1        Zara Sharvin, Woodvale Classic Lady

2       Rosie Herron, Taz

3       Zara Wood, Ard Mirah

4       Erin Matheson, Jasper Carrot

5       Megan Houston, Miss Joey



Class 11 - WHP 70cms:

1       Zara Sharvin, Polly

2       Zara Wood, Ard Mirah

3       Zara Sharvin, Woodvale Classic Lady

4       Julia Herron, Applejack Buttercrunc

5       Niamh Matheson, Twyans Flying Hawk

6       Lara Kelly, Milford Spectacular



Class 12 - WHP 80cms:

1 Lara Kelly Milford Spectacular

2 Abby Cummiskey Blackjack

3 Zara Sharvin Polly

4 Lucy Cunningham Postiano

5 Jessica Nelson Murphy

6 Eva McClurg Galloon Ceol



Class 13 - WHP 90cms:

1       Jessica Nelson, Murphy

2       Eva McClurg, Galloon Ceol

3       Rachael Kerr, Hughie Boss

4       Jessica Knowles, Larkhill Jessie

5       Niamh Martin, Mix n' Match

6       Danielle Connolly, Lakota



Working Hunter Pony Champion:     Zara Sharvin riding Polly


WHP Reserve Champion:    Lara Kelly riding Milford Spectacular



Class 14: WH Young Horse:

1       Lesley Webb, EMS Richeals Pet

2       Victoria Teuton, Cruise Brigade

3       Jonny Steele, Bonny McKay

4       Victoria Teuton, Gransha Cuhuillion

5       Andy Burns, Borderview Duchess



Class 15: WH Cobs:

1       Lesley Webb, Tommy Tucker

2       Victoria Teuton, Sock Et To Me

3       Nicola Martin, Will.I.Am



Class 16: WH Novice Horse:

1       Lynne Ireland, Dowdstown Dancer

2       Jonathan Steele, Fergie

3       Jonny Steele, Bonny McKay

4       Lesley Webb, Ginger

5       Beth Murray, Kit 'n' Kaboodle

6       Emma Dowds, Mystery Aristocrat



Class 17: WH Small Horse:

1       Lesley Webb, Ginger

2       Lesley Webb, Luck Penny

3       Susan Cumminskey, Holiday Graceful Lady

4       Katie Wray, Beechburn Lass

5       Gwen Scott, OBS Mon Beg

6       Liz Cherry, Monty Miller



Class 18: WH Open Horse:

1       Conor O'Hare, Loughene Inspired

2       Lesley Webb, Luck Penny

3       Katie Wray, Beechburn Lass

4       Clare Steele, Junior

5       Ann Magill, Stanley Newton

6       Rachel McNair, It's a Gem



Working Hunter Horse Champion: Lesley Webb, EMS Richaels Pet   


WH Reserve Champion: Lynne Ireland, Dowdstown Dancer



Saturday 2nd May 2020



Coily Hill Road,


County Down.

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