Class 17: Lightweight Hunter:

1       Pamela Fox, Bonny Foxy Lady

2       Ellie Dickson, Pinecroft Bergamo



Class 18: Middle/Heavyweight Hunter:

1       Caroline McMillan, Rockrimmon Oh Me

2       Neil Morrison, Beau

3       Lesley-Ann Duke, Consider It Done

4       Kerry Taylor, George



Class 19: Small Ridden Hunter:

1       Ronda Huddleson, Rockrimmon Star

2       Kerry Finlay, Bolreo

3       Claire Martin, George

4       Anna Dunlop, Ardara Blackberry



Class 20: Ladies Hunter:

1       Lynne Ireland, Dowdstown Dancer

2       Ronda Huddleson, Rockrimmon Star

3       Ellie Dickson, Pinecroft Bergamo

4       Kerry Taylor, George



Hunter Champion: Neil Morrison, George   

Hunter Reserve Champion: Lynne Ireland, Dowdstown Dancer



Class 21 Ridden Cob:

1       Robert Morrow, Morrows Templemore

2       Walter Albert, Barnwell Puffin



Class 22 Ridden Maxi Cob:

1       Shawlene Leebody, Brae-ville Celtic Colours

2       Judith Jackson, Billee James

3       Louise Delanney, Mighty Marty



Class 23 Riding Horse:

1       Heather Loury, Sound of Silver

2       Ashleigh Corbett, Lily Golightly



Class 24 Coloured Horse & Pony:

1       Shawlene Leebody, Brae-ville Celtic Colours

2       Sonya Kinnear, Ballymurphy

3       Joanne Gray, Daydream Believer



Class 25 Ridden Veteran Horse:

1          Judith Ryan, Raspberry Berret



Class 26 Racehorse to Riding Horse:

1       Rebecca Hunter,  The Grassy

2       Leela Purdy, Enemy Engagement

3       Shannon Muirhead, Hapgood



Saturday 2nd May 2020



Coily Hill Road,


County Down.

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