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Working Hunter Ponies


Class 7: Starter Stakes:

1. Zara Sharvin, Woodvale Classic Lady; 2.Anita McClurg, Barney; 3. Abby Cummiskey, Maximilo; 4. Abby Cummiskey, Glanerch Purr; 5. Thomas Murphy, AJ Locarno


Class 8: 133cms and under:

1.Anita McClurg, Barney; 2. Abby Cummiskey, Maximile; 3. Jessica Nelson, Tucker; 4. Thomas Murphy, Lacarno; 5. Alex Firzpatrick, Skye; 6. Zara Sharvin, Woodvale Classic Lady


Class 9: Over 133cms, not exceeding 143cms:

1. Olivia Hughes, Forest Lodge Rambler; 2. Anna McStravick, Tiger Lily; 3. Megan Nelson, Tucker; 4. Alex Fitzpatrick, Skye; 5. Aoife Hamilton-Quinn, Beauty; 6. Victoria Fox, Lislaird Joni


Class 10: Over 143cms, not exceeding 153cms:

1. Emily McGowan, Benny Liath; 2. Cathy Campbell, Carnmill Lucy; 3. Adele Huddleson, Tia Maria; 4. Emily McGowan, Cool Silome; 5. Casey Thompson, Fflur Garnon; 6. Katie Cunningham, April


Working Hunter Pony Champion: Emily McGowan, Benny Liath      Reserve: Anita McClurg, Barney


Working Hunter Horses


Class 11: Young Horse:

1. Clare Steele, Dancing Diamond Queen; 2. Holly Hayes, Frenchfort Robuck; 3. Ewan McCracken, Cyrano Storm; 4. Clare Steele, Junior; 5. Harriet Pele, Lisbane Duno


Class 12: Cobs:

1. Janice Reddy, James; 2. Ruth Hanna, Crossdrum Duo; 3. Suzanne Cochrane, Mr George


Class 13: Novice Horse:

1. Leah Chambers, Todd; 2. Cara Dianey, Helaspin of Transy; 3. Janice Reddy, James; 4. Nicola Stewart, Clonkeen Cheeky Charmer; 5. Leanne McNamara, Strandhill Coloured Lady; 6. Rachel McNair, It's a Gem


Class 14: Small Horse:

1. Leanne McNamara, Strandhill Coloured Lady; 2. Eric Pele, Ballymurphy; 3. Chloe Thompson, Beechburn Lass; 4. Cara Swanston, Come What May; 5. Nicola Stewart, Clonkeen Cheeky Charmer; 6. Ewan McCracken, Cyrano Storm


Class 15: Open Horse:

1. Victoria Teuton, Shannaghmore; 2. Adam Trusdale, Ruby; 3. Alexandra Clarke, Red Curouso; 4. Eric Pele, Aussoals Grace; 5. Rachel Hughes, Peter Perfect; 6. Eugene Milligan, Tiny


Working Hunter Horse Champion: Victoria Teuton, Shannaghmore      Reserve: Leanne McNamara, Strandhill Clove Lady


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