Class 16: 4 Year Old Hunter:

1. Caroline McMillan, Rockrimmon Diamond Surprise; 2. Clare Steele, Dancing Diamond Queen; 3. David McClurg, Bright Boy; 4. David Kilpatrick, Redwood Silver Slipper; 5. Denise Kelly, Rara Romeo


Class 17: Lightweight Hunter:

1. Robin Herron, Ballynoinpennie; 2. Jackie Hanna, Truly; 3. Lyndsay Donly, Tommy; 4. Tiffany Williams, Sweet Serenity


Class 18: Middle/Heavyweight Hunter:

1. Neil Morrison, Samson; 2. Alison Kirkpatrick, Good to Go; 3. Clare Steele, Killeen Dancer; 4. Jessica Whitney, Chanter; 5. Darryl Lemon, Troy; 6. Samantha Kelly, Archie


Class 19: Small Ridden Hunter:

1. Rhonda Huddleson, Blaze of Thunder; 2. Robin Heron, Done and Dusted; 3. Zara Fletcher, Come What May; 4. Nuala Belford, Loose Change; 5. Molly McCrory, KC Classic Boy; 6. Caroline Patten, Hawthorn Diamond


Class 20: Ladies Hunter:

1. Zara Fletcher, Springwell Boy; 2. Lesley-Ann Duke, Brookfield's Showdown; 3. Alison Kirkpatrick, Good to Go; 4. Rhonda Huddleson, Blaze of Thunder; 5. Judith Jackson, Soms Silver Kingdom; 6. Jackie Hanna, Truly


Hunter Champion: Neil Morrison, Samson    Reserve: Zara Fletcher, Springwell Boy


Class 21 Ridden Cob:

1. Leah Coulter, Shantaine Soloman; 2. Casey Thompson, Rock 'N' Rolo; 3. Gemma Rodgers, Black Velvet; 4. Victoria Moffett, Flying Colours; 5. Jane Magee, Sir Bernstein; 6. Tracey Robbie, Jake C


lass 22 Ridden Maxi Cob:

1. Janice Reddy, Ardnacashel I'm Ralph; 2. Laura Bell, Mr Bumble


Class 23 Riding Horse:

1. Lesley-Ann Duke, Brookfield's Showdown; 2. Emma James, Ballynacoy Out of the Blue; 3. Samantha Kelly, Archie; 4. Mandy Mackey, Leitrin Native K; 5. Fiona Glover, JJ


Class 24 Coloured Horse & Pony:

1. Zara Fletcher, Springwell Boy; 2. Clare Steele, Bebe; 3. Beata Powell, Trevor Class 25 Ridden Veteran Horse: 1. Helen Stewart, Cool Magna


Class 26 Racehorse to Riding Horse:

1. Chloe Thompson, Mossbank; 2. Gail Smyth, Mr Lanyon; 3. Chelsea Spence, Charles; 4. Seamus Rodgers, Jet; 5. Molly McCrory, Seaham Cladders



Saturday 2nd May 2020



Coily Hill Road,


County Down.

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