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Pony Jumping


Class 1: Novice Jumping:

Double Clears: Robbie McCartney, Barley Sugar; Jenny Hogg, Cracker; Danielle Connolly, Laquota; Zara Wood, Ballymac Girl; Sam Forbes, Abbie; Megan Carson, Rocco; Bethany Burns, My Irish Monkey


Class 2: Intermediate Jumping:

Double Clears: Aoife Hamilton, Beauty; Maria Kelly, Candy Pops; Charlotte Leslie, Shadow Fox Lady; Daragh Hanlon, Bart


Class 3: Open Jumping:

1. Jade Herron, Buckaroo; 2. Jessica Nelson, Tucker; 3. Anna McStravick, Tiger Lily; 4.Charlotte Leslie, Show Foxy Lady; 5.Katie Cunningham, April; 6.Sasha Block, AJ Locarno


Horse Jumping


Class 5: Intermediate Jumping:

1. Helen Stewart, Cool Magna; 2. Samantha Kelly, Archie; 3. Emma Russell, Lolly; 4. Fiona Glover, Ballymoe; 5. Pauline Titterington, Eye of the Storm


Class 6: Open Jumping:

1. Eugene Milligan, Tiny; 2. Tilly Horder, Duke; 3.Vicky Titterington, Storm; 4. Nikki Milligan, Westie; 5. Rachel Hughes, Peter Perfect; 6.Aime McKeown, Silver Daft Eddy’s Cup).

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