Four Year Old Hunter :

1. Joanne Gordan, Amerillo; 2: Victoria Moffett, Homegrown Phoenix.


Ladies Hunter:

1. Ashleigh Kirkpatrick, Alfie; 2. Tracy Blair, Pilgrim; 3. Catherine Gray, Charlie Stoarter; 4. Victoria Moffett, Homegrown Phoenix; 5. Rebecca Knowles, Pinecroft Bellisimo; 6. Yvette Donaldson, Animation.


Show Hunter Ponies 12-13hh:

1. Heather Steele, Springer Tommy Gun; 2. Vicki Campbell, Tilly Tiger Lily.



1. Holly McClenaghan, Wyndham Limelight; 2. Anna Kelly, Scarlett Knight; 3. Rebecca Gill, Courtland Fair Chance.


Riding Pony:

1. Nicole Fegan, And Tigger Too.Show Hunter Pony Champion: Holly McClenaghan, Wyndham Limelight;Reserve: Anna Kelly, Scarlett Knight.


Coloured Horse & Pony:

1. Gareth McClean, Socket To Me; 2. Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection; 3. Lindy Ansty, Lismoule Flashy Lass; 4. Claire Adair, Tikilla Flash; 5. Melanie Laffez, Lisbane Flame; 6. Briony Hamilton, Jumpingdale Jazz.


Riding Horse:

1. Caroline Herron, Clantara Midnight Classic; 2. Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection; 3. Nicky Anderson, Ballynolin Renoir; 4. Olivia Jackson, Lord Harvey; 5. Tracy Blair, Pilgrim.


Ridden Veteran Horse:

1. Jordan Patterson, Cresta; 2. Georgina Young, Lady B; 3. Jacky Reid, Cream Cracker; 4. Sharon Madine, Neykari; 5. Rowan Grieves, Prince Henry.


Race Horse to Riding Horse:

1. Gail Smyth, Bruno; 2. Philippa Baird, Amstecos; 3. Amy Stirk, Investment Option; 4. Kirsten McDonald, Mossbank; 5. (and best veteran): Sharon Madine, Meykari; 6. (and best turned out): Eimear McAleenan, Ollie.



Saturday 2nd May 2020



Coily Hill Road,


County Down.

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