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M & M Lead Rein Pony:

1. Freya McClenaghan, Heniarth Shooglenifty; 2. Lucy Smith, Barns Isabel; 3: Lucy Kayes, Izzy; 4: Mia Smyth, Kilshane Paprika.


M & M First Ridden:

1. Lauren Houston, Finglebridge Flash Harry; 2. Freya McClenaghan, Heniarth Shooglenifty.


Part Bred Welsh Lead Rein Pony:

1. Lucy Smith, Kenilwood April; 2. Joanne Gilliland, Cuan Magic.


Mini Champion: Lauren Houston, Finglebridge Flash Harry; Reserve: Freya McClenaghan, Heniarth Shooglenifty.


Pure Bred Welsh Ridden Pony:

1. Casey Thompson, Fflur Garnon.


M & M Ridden Pony:

1. Zoe Bell, Lunesdale Starbuy; 3. Euan McCracken, Heath of Cashel; 4. Adele Huddleson, Adeles Lilly.


M & M Ridden Champion: Casey Thompson, Fflur Garnon; Reserve: Zoe Bell, Lunesdale Starbuy.


Welsh In Hand Classes Welsh Section A, 4 and over:

1. Suzanne Glen, Diamonds Forever.


Welsh Section C:

1. Roz Murphy, Dafydd.

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