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1. Jill Castles, Duchess; 2. Ashley Brown, Lady; 3. Clifford Parke, Chrisy; 4. Jill Castles, Nelly; 5. Anne Brown, Rose.



1. A Boal, Elvis; 2. Clifford Parke, Charlie; 3. Clifford Parke, Dunkin; 4. Yvonne Cavana, Bentley.



1. Ashley Brown, Roisien; 2. Sanead Dorn, Muffin; 3. Anne Brown, Tiddles.



1. Clifford Parke, Sooty; 2. Yvonne Cavana, Ruby; 3. Clifford Parke, Dixie; 4. Sanead Dorn, Barney.


Turnout and Condition:

1. Jamie Parke, Sooty; 2. Alister Boal, Elvis; 3. Yvonne Cavana, Escualo; 4. Sanead Dorn, Barney.


Donkey Champion; Jill Castles, Duchess; Reserve: Alister Boal, Elvis.


Novice Donkey:

1. Julie Donnell, Dolly; 2. Susan Cunningham, Lucy; 3. Jill Castles, Jake.


Junior Class:

1. Jamie Parke, Sooty; 2. Caragh Cochrane, Barney; 3. Ralph Cunningham, Lucy; 4. Caolan Cochrane, Muffin; 5. Jonny Bolden, Duchess.


Ridden Donkey:

1. Caragh Cochrane, Barney.Veteran Class: 1. Browns of Saintfield, Rosie.


Working Donkey Parade:


1. Jamie Parke, Milk Float; 2. Clifford Parke, Stiff Cart.


Farming Implements:

1. Jill Castles, Duchess and Turnip Sower; 2. William and Ashley, Brown, Harry and Donkey Plough.

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