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Class 8: Over 143 cm, under 153 cm:

1. Cathy Campbell, Carnhill Lucy; 2. Casey Thompson, Wishful Willow: 3. Emily McGowan, Cool Silome; 4. Gemma McIlwaine, Burren Bridge; 5. Leah Chambers, Knights Cavalier; 6. Gemma Parkhill, Leitrim Native Chloe.


Class 9: Over 133cm, under 143 cms:

1. Emily McGowan, A Touch Of Magic; 2. Holly McClenaghan, Bit Of A Pickle; 3. Zara Gabbey, Hotchpotch; 4. Claire Ireland, Mission Ambition; 5. Bronagh Hughes, Rodeny; 6. Zoe Woods, Lily.


Class 10: 133 cm and under:

1. Anna Kelly, Pick N Mix; 2. Tiarna Drake, Super Dooper Dandy; 3. Olivia Nugent, Reenrow Murray Mint; 4. Tola Thompson, Buddy; 5. Olivia Spencer, My Black And White Dream.


Champion: Anna Kelly, Pick N Mix;Reserve: Holly McClenaghan, Bit Of A Pickle.


Class 11: Open Horse:

1. Claire Steele, Browne Pointz; 2. Emma Jackson, Dexter; 3. Sarah Moore, Shameless; 4. Claire Steele, De Capt Two; 5. Elaine McKenna, Amy B; 6. Kathryn Moore, Ladakas Guy.


Class 12: Novice Horse:

1. Gary Leatham, Mullentine Gliding Echo; 2. Lois Thompson, Papa Joe; 3. Nat Wilton, Ho Ho; 4. Victoria Clarke, Eurovision: 5. Lynne Ireland, Rockrimmon High Spot; 6. Rachel Keys, Donegal Cruise.


Class 13: Small Horse:

1. Emma Jackon, Don Juan de la Bauviere; 2. Claire McKenna, Cheque Mate; 3. Emma Jackson, Sligo Silver Speck; 4. Leanne McNamara, Strawhill Coloured Lady.


Class 14: 5/6 year old:

1. Elaine Douglas, Rock Spirit.


Class 15: Cob:

1. Elaine Power, Wee Chief: 2. Alanna Clegg, Highly Sprung.


Champion: Gary Leatham, Mullentine Gliding Echo;Reserve: Elaine Douglas, Rock Spirit.


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