Class 16: 4 year old:

1. Helen Axten, Killeen Dancer; 2. Michael Lewis, Gabriel; 3. Zoe Woods, Good Lux; 4. Lynne Ireland, Rockrimmon Star Turn; 5. Margaret McNair, It’s A Diamond.


Class 17: Lightweight Hunter:

1.Vicky Teuton, Master Monteith; 2. Jonathan Steele, Manus; 3. Lesley Ann Horner, Julie’s Pride.


Class 18: Middleweight/Heavyweight Hunter:

1. Vicktoria Moffett, Queen’s Gate; 2. Lynne Ireland, Rockrimmon High Spot; 3. Sarah Brashaw, Rickrommon Triple G; 4. Emma Jackson, Rockrimmon, Raubicious; 5. Vicky Tueton, Hagrid Staville.


Class 19: Small Hunter:

1. Nuala Belford, Loose Change; 2. Jenny Ferris, Killaughey Lass; 3.Robin Herron, Dun n Dusted; 4. Claire McKenna, Cheque Mate; 5. Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection; 6. Birony Hamilton, Jumping Dale Jazz.


Class 20: Cob:

1. 787: 2. Jane Magee, Hollie Bea; 3. Leah Coulter, Millbank Vamos; 4. Emma Jackson, Fancy Nancy; 5. Judith Lewis, Morrow’s Magic Man;. 6. Jamie Leigh Reid, Logan.


Class 21: Lady’s Hunter:

1. Victoria Moffett, Queen’s Gate: 2. Lesley Ann Horner, Julie’s Pride; 3. Caroline Herron, Clantara Midnight Classic; 4. Holly McClenaghan, Ballylaughan Swinging Kilt; 5. Veronica Ham, Da Capo Two; 6. Gemma Rodgers, Twilight Troope.


Champion: Victoria Moffett, Queen’s Gate; Reserve: Alanna Clegg, Highly Sprung.


Class 22: Coloured Horse and Pony:

1. Claire McKenna, Cheque Mate; 2. Faye Gabbey, Hotchpotch; 3. Elaine Power, Wee Chief; 4. Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection; 5. Clare Sloan, Rockmount Vice Versa; 6. Briony Hamilton, Jumping Dale Jazz.


Class 23: Riding Horse:

1. Caroline Herron, Clantara Midnight Classic; 2. Karina McVeigh, Midnight Reflection; 3. Victoria Moffett, Castle Diamond Reef; 4. Gemma Rodgers, Twilight Troope; 5. Jackie Walker, Tom Tom Go; 6. Georgie Young, Lady B.


Class 24: Ridden Veteran Horse:

1. Leagh Coulter, Millbank Vamos; 2. Erin Wilkinson, Tango; 3. Adele Huddleson, Prince Charming; 4. Michaela Murphy, Big Sam; 5. Rachel McNair, Firefighter.


Class 25: Race horse to riding horse:

1. Ashley Woods, Top Ben; 2. Adele Huddleson, Prince Charming; 3. Gail Smyth, Bruno; 4. Sharon Madine, Weykari; 5. Lisa Flynn, Perp.



Saturday 2nd May 2020



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County Down.

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