Class 34: M & M Lead Rein Pony:

1. Amy Tubman, Barns Isabel; 2. William Montgomery, Henarth Shooglenifty; 3. Chloe Agnew, Saethydd Coco; 4. Portia Aitken, Ted.


Class 35: M&M first ridden:

1. Katie McKee, Kenilwood Tortishell; 2. Lucy Gabbey, Hooray Hamish; 3. Cerys Howell, Moorcourt Sammy.


Class 37: Part Bred Welsh Lead Rein:

1. Simone Leatham, Kenilwood Pixie; 2. Kacey Pollock, Beckside Music Maker, 3, Lauren Houston, Palms Perfect Storm; 4. Portia Aiken, Bubba.


Mini M&M Champion: Amy Tubman, Barns Isabel; Reserve: Simone Leatham, Kenilwood Pixie


Class 39: Pure Bred Welsh Ridden:

1. Cerys Howell, Captain Morgan; 2. Katie McKee, Kenilwood Tortishell; 3. Janice Penman, Aberarth Champagne Charlie.


Class 40: Part Bred Welsh Ridden:

1. Olivia Spencer, Bardwell Nobel Heir; 2. Holly McClenaghan, Ballyloughan Swinging Kilt.


Class 41: Riding Pony:

1. Niamh Spurr, Copshawholm Borrby Ravel; 2. Lucy Cunningham, Making Waves, 3. Cerys Howell, Captain Morgan.


Ridden M&M Champion: Olivia Spencer, Bardwell Nobel Heir; Reserve: Niamh Spurr, Copshawholm Borrby Ravel;


Class 42: Welsh Section A, 4 year old:

1. William Montgomery, Henarth Shooglenifty; 2. Creevy Cottage Stallions, Bengad Mandrake; 3. Creevy Cottage Stallions, Putwell Red Robin.


Class 43: Welsh Section B, four year and upwards:

1. William Montgomery, Ballyloughan Magic Merlin.


Class 47: Welsh Section D:

1. Janie Penman/Mags Creswell, Aberarth Champagne Charlie.


Class 49: Welsh Part-Bred:

1. William Montgomery, Ballyloughan Pollyanna


Champion: William Montgomery, Ballyloughan Pollyanna; Reserve: William Montgomery, Ballyloughan Magic Merlin.



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