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Class 1: Warm Up Stakes:

Double Clears: Leo Madine, Weykari; Jonathan Steele, Munchie; Roseanna Andrew, Milky Bar Joe; Georgie Young, Lady B; Suzanna King, Hugo.


Class 2: Novice Horse:

Double Clears: Chloe Burgess, Olga; Sarah Majury, Sky Double Take; Leo Madine, Weykari; Clare McIlveen, Abbeydale Christy; Helen Davidson, The Arch Deacon; Aoifa Lavery, Flying High.


Class 3: Open Horse:

1. Rachel Keys, Donegal Cruise; 2. Sarah McClean, Diamond Obelix; 3.Chloe Burgess, Olga; 4. Elaine McKenna, Amy B; 5=. Pauline Titterington, Storm, Clare Brown, Craigmount Sparrow; Clare Brown, Ceide Rose.


Class 4: Double Clears:

Michael Burgess, Silver; Tola Thompson, Buddy; Darcy Steenson, Almost Midnight; Vicky Truesdale, Jack.


Class 5: Double Clears:

Tierna Drake, Super Dooper Dandy; Emma Lappin, Harry’s Secret; Jake Morrow, Lloyd; Ellie Parkhill, Toni; Gemma McMullan, Ralf; Darcy Steenson, Almost Midnight; Tola Thompson, Buddy; Samantha Hanna, Captain Christie.


Class 6: Double Clears:

Gemma McMullan, Ralf; Ellie Parkhill, Toni; Messina Harvey, Prince Peachy; Molly Evans, Spot; Emma Lappin, Harry’s Secret.


Class 7: Double Clears:

Erin Wilkinson, Tango; Aoife Laverty, Flying High (drew Daft Eddy’s Cup).

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