Class 8: Working Hunter pony up to 153 cms:

1. Jayne Moore, Toto Matata; 2. Kerry Johnston, Derrymac; 3. Leah Chambers, Knights Cavalier; 4. Ruth Cousins, Wishful William; 5. Camilla Manningham Buller, Kilva; 6. Danielle Graham, Just Jake.


Class 9: Working Hunter pony up to 143 cms:

1. Emily Magowan, A Touch of Magic; 2. Luke Hughes, Wee Chadle; 3. Mollie Cunningham, The Little Joker; 4. Anthea Steele, The Ice Man; 5. Rebecca Nickles, My Chunky Monkey; 6. Jordan Patterson, Mavoureen Minstrel.


Class 10: Working Hunter pony 133 cms and under:

1. Emily Magowan, Valepark Holiday; 2. Leah Jackson, Morning Breeze; 3. Anna Kelly, Pick ‘N Mix; 4. Reese Hogg, Arthur; 5. Sacha Bloch, Golden Flight.


Working Hunter pony Champion: Jayne Moore, Toto Matata;      Reserve: Emily Magowan, A Touch of Magic.


Class 11: Open Working Hunter Horse:

1. Kerry Gilmore, Roddy’s Return; 2. Lynne Ireland, Blackwood Quantum Rebel; 3. Nicky Bell, Kinnood; 4. Gillian Neill, Rafa; 5. Kat Butler, The Mystic Maid; 6. Elaine McKenna, Amy B.


Class 12: Novice Horse Working Hunter:

1. Roz Murphy, Sunday Morning; 2, Desi Corr, Trewmoy; 3. Katie McKee, Kenilwood Tortashell; 4. Chloe Burgess, Diga; 5. Julie Patterson, Liscavan; 6. Sarah Kenny, Amber.


Class 13: Young Horse Working Hunter:

1. Lynne Ireland, Rockrimmon Spot; 2. Martin Walsh, Alfie; 3. Emma Jackson, Rockrimmon Rossespoint; 4. Alanna Clegg, Agatha May; 5. David Kirkpatrick, Redwood Sage; 6. Emma Jackson, Crack N Touch.


Class 14: Small Horse Working Hunter:

1. Emma Jackson, Homegrown Lexi; 2. Jenny Ferris, Killaughey Lass; 3. Nicola Jellie, Cooleen’s Misty Madam; 4. Camilla Manningham Buller, Kilva; 5. Anna Cunningham, Lord of the Dance; 6. Alice Anderson, Belville Kate.


Class 15: Cob Working Hunter:

1. Elaine Wilson, Wee Chief; 2. Emma Jackson, Millbank Vamos; 3. Victor Smyth, Quarry Star.Horse


Working Hunter Champion: Roz Murphy, Sunday Morning



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