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Class 1: Horse jumping warm up stakes:

Double Clears: Rachel Irwin, Freya; Lynsey Stevenson, Hector; Colleen Adair, Dan; Lynsey McCartney, Another Hooligan; Victoria Hale, Ardnacashels April Showers.


Class 2: Novice horse jumping:

Double Clears: Rachel Spence, Dylan; Emma Jackson, Loughries, Classic Lady; Chloe Burgess, Diga; Ellie Stirk, Elamo Pop At The Top; Rachel Lamb, Dr Duckler; Ruth Allen, Diamond In The Sky; Laura Monan, Rockrimmon Calypso.


Class 3: Open horse jumping:

1. Angie Thompson, Shandy; 2. Emma Jackson, Don Ron De La Bouviere; 3. Mary McLeigh, Bunty; 4. Brian Smyth, Quarry Lad; 5. Rachel Spence, Dylan.


Class 4: Pony jumping – 65 cms:

Double Clears: Carly Douglas, Peaceful Paradise, Tiena Harper, Southern Angel; Sarah Heaney, Fiddler and Rolo; Jake Morrow, Lloyd;


Class 5: Pony jumping – 75 cms:

Double Clears: Jamie Lee, Celtic Prince; Ryan Truesdale, Jasper; Anna Denvir, Lucky Break; Dale Clarke, Beauty; Sara McMordie, Superstar Socks; Tiena Harper, Southern Angel; Carly Douglas, Peaceful Paradise; Molly Evan, Biscuit; Andrew Turley, April; Jake Morrow, Lloyd; Harriet Pele, Minstrel.


Class 6: Pony jumping – 85 cms:

Double Clears: Carly Douglas, Peaceful Paradise; Rebecca McCallion, Milestone Murphy; Shorlagh Harper, Suicra Boy; Bronagh Harper, Rodney (cup winner); Messina Harvey, Princes Peachy.


Class 7: Pony jumping – 95 cms:

Double Clears: Rebecca Adams, Honeycomb Gelatia; Rebecca McCallion, Milestone Murphy; Erin Wilkinson, Tango (cup winner).

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