Class 16A: Four year old lightweight riding horse:

1. Michael Lewis, The Showman; 2. Lesley Anne Horner, Julie’s Pride; 3. Sarah Reid, Ballynoin Sirocco.


Class 16B: Four year old middleweight/heavyweight riding horse:

1. Michael Lewis, I’m Chadwick; 2. Emma Jackson, Rockrimmon Rossespoint.


Class 17: Lightweight Hunter:

1. Michael Lewis, Lucilius; 2. Lisa Emerson, Glasker Duke; 3. Monica Savage, Drumnagally Hill; 4. Victoria Moffet, Castlediamond Reef; 5. Ellyn Gourley, Amino Magic; 6. Nadine Johnson, Kilceva.


Class 18: Middleweight/heavyweight Hunter:

1. Lynne Ireland, Rockrimmond Spot; 2. Nicola Stewart, Gentleman’s Jay; 3. Shirley Anderson, State of Play.


Class 19: Small Riding Horse:

1. Louise Sullivan Majestic Meg; 2. Sophie Price, Benji; 3. Janice Reddy, Rockrimmon Rolo Ray; 4. Emma Jackson, Homegrown Lexi; 5. Joanne Gordon, Amerillo; 6. Terry Harper, Diamond Celtic Clover.


Class 20: Cob:

1. Audrey Smyth, Sock Et Set; 2. Sam McAteer, Limited Edition; 3. Michelle Floyd, Al Capone; 4. Leah Coulter, Millbank Vamos; 5. Lynne Boggs, Benchmark; 6. Natalie Irwin, Top Gear.


Class 21: Ladies Hunter:

1. Judith Ryan, Lucilius; 2. Lisa Emerson, Glasker Duke; 3. Janice Reddy, Duffy; 4. Sonya Kinnear, Lochinvar; 5. Monica Savage, Drumnagally Hill; 6. Vicky Teuton, Master Monteith.


Hunter Champion: Michael Lewis, I’m Chadwick. Reserve: Audrey Smyth, Sock Et Set.


Class 22: Coloured horse and pony:

1. Elaine Wilson, Wee Chief; 2. Emily Magowan, A Touch of Magic; 3. Vicky Teuton, Pure Gold; 4. Victoria Hale, Ardnacashel’s April Showers; 5. Ella Boyle, Gransha’s Half n Half; 6. Rhonda Huddleson, Porthall Pongo.


Class 23: Riding Horse class:

1. Janice Reddy, Dream On Calypso; 2. Emma Cash, Shannon Rose; 3. Heather Ferguson, Castlediamond Reef; 4. Vicky Teuton, Master Monteith; 5. Michelle Slater, Rockridge Dinaldi; 6. Lisa Book, November Rain.


Class 24: Ridden Veteran Horse:

1. Fiona Young, Lady B; 2. Janice Reddy, Duffy; 3. Angela Cooper, Splash the Cash; 4. Ruth Ferris, McLuvin; 5. Gloria Reynolds, Megan; 6. Martin Walsh, Alfie.


Class 25: Ridden Veteran Pony:

1. Sophie Price, Benji; 2. Sophie Elliot, Brookvale Playboy; 3. Dylan Huddleson, Court Jester; 4. Casey Thompson, Ardno Welsh King; 5. Georgie Kirkwood, Bright Spark; 6. Jasmin Kirkwood, Tommy.


Class 26: Restricted Riding Pony:

1. Maria Kelly, Gemma; 2. Jazmin Kirkwood, Tommy; 3. Jimmy McLeigh, Coco; 4. Ashia Erskine, Spikeadoo; 5. Lucy Gabbey, Moray Hamish; 6. Rachel Kerr, Sugar.



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County Down.

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