Class 27: First Ridden Family Pony:

1. Lucy Savage, Oliver Twist; 2. Georgia Kirkwood, Bright Spark; 3. Chloe Bush, Silent Grey Fellow; 4. Cerys Howell, Destinys Child; 5. Olivia Hughes, Reen Roe Murraymint; 6. John Hughes, Sally.


Class 28: Ridden Family Pony:

1. Ella Boyle, Gransha’s Half ‘N Half; 2. Olivia Hughes, Reen Roe Murraymint; 3. Evanna Regan, Sugar Time; 4. Lucy Savage, Oliver Twist; 5. Zaba Gabbey, Tilly Tigerlilly; 6. Kathyrn McCaughan, Charlie.


Class 29: Turnout:

1. Aimee Dugan, Rotherwood Penny Ha’Penny; 2. Jazmine Kirkwood, Tommy; 3.Ellie McDonnell, Starburst; 4. Sophie Morrow, Topsy of Hutton; 5. Ashia Erskine, Spikeadoo; 6. Sam, Bobby.


Class 30: Lead Rein Pony:

1. Aimee Dugan, Rotherwood Penny Ha’penny; 2. Grace McAulfield, Mountain Gemma; 3. Alexander Truesdale, Murloughdale Morning Echo; 4. Ellis Pollock, Royal Velvet; 5. Ellie McDonnell, Starburst; 6. Chloe Emily Agnew, Saethydd Coco.


Class 31: First Ridden Lead Rein Pony:

1. Leah Jackson, Kennelwood Little Secret; 2. Sophie Elliot, Jackville; 3. Cerys Howell, Destinys Child; 4. Tolce Thompson, Buddy; 5. Angela McAufield, Annabella Springtime; 6. Evanna Regan, Sugar Time.


Class 32: Novice Show Hunter Pony:

1. Reese Hogg, Arthur; 2. Sophie Elliot, Brookvale Playboy; 3. Sacha Bloch, Golden Flight; 4. Ewan McCracken, Heath of Cashel; 5. Sophie Price, Benji; 6. Rebecca Furphy, Shasta Lady.


Class 33: Open Show Hunter Pony:

1. Sacha Bloch, Golden Flight; 2. Reese Hogg, Arthur; 3. Sophie Truesdale, Kenilwood Moonstone; 4. Sarah Braeshaw, Arabian Knight; 5. Nicola Stewart, Liskeran Lad.


Class 34: Riding Pony:

1. Sophie Elliot, Jack VIII; 2. Sophie Price, Benji; 3. Rebecca Furphy, Shasta Lady; 4. Nicola Stewart, Liskeran Lad; 5. Laura Monan, Rickrimmon Calypso.Champion Riding Pony: Sacha Bloch, Golden Flight; Reserve: Sophie Elliot, Jack VIII



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