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Class 46: M & M Lead Rein Pony:

1. Chloe Emily Agnew, Saethydd Coco; 2. Hannah Morrow, Topsy of Hutton; 3. Freya McClenaghan, Haniarth Smooglenifty.


Class 47: M & M first ridden:

1. Freya McClenaghan, Henriarth Smooglenifty; 2. Emily/Yvonne Pearson, Zara Pearson; 3. Ciara Gilroy, Ardcrilmaster Mulligan; 4. Baily Dunn, Matilda Mouse; 5. Katie McKee, Kenilwood Tortoiseshell; 6. Cerys Howell, Destinys Child.


Class 48: Part bred Welsh lead rein pony:

1. Heather Steele, Sixpence; 2. Alexander Truesdale, Murloughdale Morning Echo; 3. Sam Dugan/Heather Burns, Bobby; 4. Aimee Dougan, Rotherwood Penny Ha’penny.


Class 49: Part bred Welsh first ridden pony:

1. Kennelwood Little Secret, Connie McLaughlin.


Mini Champion: Freya McClenaghan, Henriarth Smooglenifty Reserve: Chloe Emily Agnew, Saethydd Coco


Class 50: Pure bred Welsh ridden pony:

1. Holly McClenaghan, Henwyn Logic, 2. Sarah Morrow, Tydfil Red Marvel; 3. Casey Thompson, Ardo Welsh King; 4. Aimee Ross, Viola; 5. Sophie Price, Kitty Kat.


Class 51: Part bred Welsh ridden pony:

1. Sophie Truesdale, Kenelwood Moonstone.


Class 52A: M & M ridden class, up to 13.2 hh:

1. Katie Spurr, Making Waves; 2. Holly McClenaghan, Henwyn Logic; 3. Ciara Gilroy, Ardcrief Master.


Class 52B: M & M ridden class, over 13.2 hh:

1. Katie Spurr, Kinlara Dunrowan; 2. Sarah Morrow, Tydfil Red Marvel; 3. Aimee Ross, Viola; 4. Nicola Stewart, Liskeran Lad; 5. Rachel Dunlop, Holiday Beau; 6. Hermione Anstey, Millpark’s Tadgh Darragh.


Ridden Champion: Holly McClenaghan, Henwyn Logic; Reserve: Katie Spurr, Kinlara Dunrowan


Class 53: Welsh Section A, four and over:

1. Sarah Beers, Rhydgwillim Cockatoo; 2. William Montgomery, Heniarth Shooglenifty; 3. FC & JT Bodre, Putwell Red Robin; 4. FC & JT Bodre, Riverdown Vernon.


Class 54: Welsh Section A, three and under:

1. Aimee Ross, Viola; 2. Gillian Aacutan, Glaun Mist.


In Hand Champion: Sarah Beers, Rhydgwillim Cockatoo; Reserve: William Montgomery, Heniarth Shooglenifty.

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